Ghibli Robot

Sculpt of the Robot from the Ghibli film: ‘Laputa, Castle in the Sky’.

Based on a model I bought from the Ghibli Museum in Japan.

This has taken me ages to finish! :sweat_smile:

Learning the software takes time and patience and I hope eventually I can make my workflow more time efficient. Rather than just jump in, I tried to structure the process by blocking out the basic primitive shapes first, and adding detail etc, which is not my creative temperament, so it was at times a laborious process. I prefer to get stuck in but that is better suited to sculpting on instinct, not recreating a famous character design. So to know different approaches, and when best to implement them, is, of course, key to being a professional digital sculptor.

There are other pictures of the Ghibli Robot on my Behance account here where I also post 2D work and occasionally animation, if you’d like to follow!

Feedback welcome. :sweat_smile:



Lovely. Loved the film too!

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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