Getafix the Druid

My first full size character in Nomad and a good test for me for upcoming tutorials. I can’t wait to get booleans or voxel removal so I don’t need to go to ZBrush to joint my 3Dprints.

I always do a few renders of what I think the print will be like. This one is currently printing on an Elegoo Mars Pro 5hrs. And a Peopoly Phenom 26hours. Fingers crossed.

I can only post one image as I only just joined :\



Nice sculpt. Looks just like the Getafix/Miraculix I remember :slight_smile:

Good luck with the prints and thanks for pointing me and others towards Nomad!

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Really nice work Glen! Your test print on your Twitter page looks great. Looking forward to seeing more of your Nomad work! :slightly_smiling_face:

Love seeing scenes made in nomad like this. Really inspiring. :+1: