Gallery on website

I’m not sure if this post belongs here, but it seems as good as any :slight_smile:
It would be great to add a gallery section to this website. I know we have the artwork section, but if I was a potential new customer, I would come to the page and first look at all the work that has been done in that package, the artwork section is great (and I’m not advocating losing it), but it gets really long threads and you have to dig to see stuff. If the site promoted artwork to a gallery it could be inspirational to artists that are interested in the app, with the added benefit of motivating existing users to push their skills.


Yahh! I was thinking the same…it would be really great if there is a gallery section where people can check out the creations made by artist with Nomad

Website is great! Just adding separate page for gallery ,will be great for the new visitor to explore the work and creations made using nomad which will show the potential of the app and make new visitor interested in using it…

It will be also great for the Existing user to check out new creations by other artist with nomad.


Bumping this topic to get @stephomi thoughts on the subject

Yes it’s something that I wanted to do, but I don’t have enough time for now to work on it.

I’ll probably do it at some point but for now I prefer to prioritize on the app itself.


Sounds good. Thanx @stephomi