Free crease brush for mechanic parts or hard surface

Crease fin.json (1.8 KB)

I wanted to share this with you, it’s stupid and surely many of you do it better. But I just made a crease brush that allows you to make a precise line and above all the simple little technique to give the illusion that each part is cut a bit like car body parts.

So you just have to use this brush on a layer it’s important and easier for the rest you do your strokes and everything you have to do with this brush then in layer you increase the offset until the inner part of the line appears smooth and flat (of course you will have to adjust according to your work). In fact it seems that with this technique the line passes through the object from a certain amount of offset. In short, it works for me.
On this image I have projected everything in texture at the end.


There really should be aa pinned section for custom tools!
Grazie, amico!

Hello Stefano.
How to install your crease brush? I didn’t find out

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thank you for answering with this good tutorial :wink:

Holger is the master of tutorials :wink:


My hobby is not Nomad Sculpt, my hobby is making tutorials :grinning:. Nomad Sculpt is perfect for that, there is always something to explain.