Folders for brushes

It would be nice to add sorting of brushes into folders, like for alphas. I make a variety of brushes that I use all the time, and it’s very inconvenient to find the ones I need in a large list.


This wish has often been made, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be coming true…
A better tool organizations system seems to remain a dream.
I have to laugh every time I see Razum’s 200 brushes in a video, I have no idea how he keeps track of them. :joy:


I support this request! After adding and buying a few brushes it’s gotten a bit out of hand. It really slow you down having to scroll through long lists of brushes. Procreate does a really nice job with their brush organization.

I bought Razum’s set and had to delete like 10 of them just to keep it manageable.


You should be able to create collapsible categories where you could drag and drop the brushes.