Feature Request: Save Preferences

I maybe missing this somewhere, but is there a way to save your preferences / ui config? You could even setup a startup project where you can have your favorite base mesh, hdr, tool settings ready to go on startup. Just some food for thought if this feature doesn’t exist yet.

– Erol

:roll_eyes:… So I figured out what was going on. This was an issue on my Surface Go, I was trying to be frugal and install android on my surface instead of getting a new tablet. I was using BlissOS - which they say you shouldn’t use as a daily driver. Lesson learned. The ui resets back to the default everytime I reopen Nomad, this must be an os thing. I just checked Nomad on my phone and the changes I made stay.

Sorry for the last post, I guess I’m gonna have to get a new tablet or experiment with the other Android desktop OS’s. It was a cool idea, because you could, in theory, install android on a converable laptop or fully loaded tablet pc and use all that extra ram. I’ll keep dreaming…

– Erol

Maybe some read/write issue or a permission thing.

The Nomad files can be found in Android/data/com.stephaneginier.nomad/files/