FBX Export support

Adding “FBX” export support would be great.
As FBX format is better and widely used format to import in Game Engines like Unreal and Unity and 3D softwares like Maya and 3dsMax

I think it is a must have Export Format

glTF is good , but also having FBX Exporting would be plus.


Maybe in the future but for now it’s not planned.

FBX is a closed format, so I would need to use their FBX SDK, which is not available on Android.
There are open-sourced alternative (thanks to reverse-engineering, but I’m not sure how robust that is).

Also, I’m not a big fan of the idea of a closed-source file format, although this is not the most important reason.

It is not, every format have pros and cons.
A good read on file format: http://nickporcino.com/posts/last_mile_interchange.html


I understand, thank you for the information
One thing…i noticed in my Galaxy j7 nomad Sculpt can render upto 1080p resolution,
But in my brother’s phone he can render upto 4k , he has Redmi 9 prime 4gb ram
So does it depends on the device?? the render resolution

The screenshot render feature is the same everywhere, update Nomad if you don’t have the 4k option.

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Thanks! I did and its available now :grinning:

Stephomi, I am of course furious at Adobe for creating closed architecture like fbx., but they are not the only ones guilty of this proprietary BS.

I’m still a novice w/ nomad, but would love to use something akin to “Substance Designer” to apply to my Nomad models.

Is there anything you can recommend to get us pointed in the right direction?

FBX is Autodesk, not Adobe.

Substance Designer/Painter is for texturing, but Nomad only supports vertex painting.
It’s not a file issue, it’s about lack of UVs in Nomad (see Nomad sculpting (vertex painting vs texture painting) - YouTube)

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Stephomi, Thanks as always for the clarification.

I’d love an FBX export as it would work instantly with Mixamo and keep the vertex colors.

There’s a very handy online converter that works really well.


Thanks :+1:t4: