Editing 3D scan

I’m trying to edit a 3D scan from Polycam and am having some issues.

I have a scan of a tree, and I want to clean it up - remove the ground and the odd branch. But when I trim so parts, other parts disappear. Any tips?

See image

Do you have symmetry turned on? If so, turn it off and try again.

A picture showing your screen/settings makes it easier to help you.

Confirmed Symmetry is off. My bad, on the previous image I had Project tool selected.

See new image

Maybe upload the mesh.

Sometimes I had a similar problem and was for symmetry, as @Holger_Schoenischka said, upload the mesh to test it. Polycam composes the mesh of a bunch of scans, I mean that maybe the mesh is grouped or are many meshes, try to join or remesh before trim.

Here’s the mesh
Tree.nom (4.2 MB)

Maybe this helps.

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This has been so helpful - many thanks :slight_smile: