Edge Loop Mask Boundary?


Would it be possible to add an option in the mask tool to create an smooth edge loop / group loop on a masked boundary? I.e. a smoothed edge loop around the boundary of the mask similar to what you get from splitting or trimming - but without actually cutting the model…

I think this would be really useful for hardsurface modelling and cleaning up edges in general. At the moment if we mask an area and smooth the edges of the unmasked area we usually get some jagged edges due to the topology of the masked mesh. I know we can clean this up using the pinch and flatten tool after - which does work well at medium-high resolutions. However, if there was an option to insert an edge loop / group loop (as in zbrush with polygroups) I think this would make it much easier to smooth unmasked areas and easily create clean edges…

Is this something you would consider including?

Thanks again for the amazing app - I love it.

In lieu of those features you may want to play around with Dynamic Topology. Just add extra topology where you need it.

It’s not an exact replacement, but maybe a usable workaround.

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Great, thank you. I will play around with this. Much appreciated.

I had not realised that you can use dynamic topology on the mask brush! This largely solves my problem, thanks so much for pointing this out.

I would still be interested to hear if edge loops or group loops could be added as whilst the dynamic topology option is great (and will be using this!) it does increase the polycount quite significantly.

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