Do you want to see your sculpts in a game?

Hi, I discovered this tool recently and I find it very good to sculpt assets for a game project in which I’m developing, however I don’t have a proper tablet to get the most of it and I also don’t have yet enough skills to do it.

I hope this does not go against any rules on this forum and if so I apologize. I’m looking for 3d artists who want to collaborate on an open source project (unpaid) which has a Vr port and I’m also planning to fuese both projects into a only 3d project, to make it happens I need more assets.

The assets I’m looking for are characters (underwater fauna), objects and backgrounds.

Here is the link to the main project:

The project has no budget and I can only credit the artist for the work, however, I think the game could be a good showcase for your skills and I can provide links to any website you provide, people have access to links in the credits to sites of the artist in the game.

I can’t post any image here but feel free to check some of the 2d and 3d assets here to see what kind of artwork I’m looking for: fish-fillets-remake-assets-3d/Characters at main - fish-fillets-remake-assets-3d -

I hope you find the project interesting and if you are interested to collaborate do not hesitate to contact me.


Hi, I think that adding a pair of picture may help to know what I’m looking for and may make you interested in the project:

This preliminary models has been sculpted in Blender:

This is the vr port of the game with some of the 3d assets in action:

Many more characters to be sculpted can be found here:

If you like what you see and you would like to try to improve those models, sketches and 2d art feel free to submit your models to me or post them here, I’ll be selected the best ones and adding them to the game.

I think you may have a hard time finding people here to help you. The largest deterrent I see would be that no one wants to work for free unless they have a motive.

I’m guessing not many people on this forum played the game so they don’t have an interest in the project (no motive).

You may want to look for other fans and show them your project and see if you can get them involved. A fan base has the motive and usually some resources that can be pooled in order to bring a project to life.

Anyway, hopefully you can find some people to help you realize your project. Cheers and best wishes!

Hi RogerRoger,

For sure it’s hard to find fans interested on the project who also happen to have the right skills…

If it does not happen it’s ok, the game is fully playable without extra 3d assets and I’m very happy with what I achieved so far…

This 3d sculpting software seems to fit very well to the kind of characters and objects the game has so decide to give it a try…

Thanks for the wishes and feedback and I wish you also the best!

I think this is very relevant for anyone interested on contributing as the work may be intimidating for some, but as you can see, not all the models are very complex and some have indeed simple shapes and textures.

By the way, those models are part of the open models collected from, so you can also contribute by suggesting some already done models that fits with the tetris like shapes the game has.