Cylinder primitive - angle option

Would it be possible to add an angle option for the cylinder primitive - same thing the torus has? Yesterday I was at the opera and on the stage there many things, that I thought could be created easily with that option - not so easy by cutting a cylinder. Yeah, the show did not appeal to me that much, so I went into sculpt mode an started to break down things into basic shapes…

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This will probably not be possible, because the caps of the cylinder will cause problems. The cylinder would need caps like the UV Sphere, then the radius could work. Much is due to the caps, that’s why the values of the divisions always jump from 6,12,18 and so on.
But as always, Stephane will have the exact answer.

I see…that of course is a problem. Maybe it is possible to change the topology of the caps depending on whether it’s a “normal” cylinder or just a section?