Cylinder Bevel/Annotation brush

The cylinder primitive could have an edge bevel option with control for radius and resolution. This way you could make softer ‘pill shapes’ for blocking in things like limbs or fingers.

A screen space annotation tool would be helpful for design edits of your model in 2d before committing to changes in 3d. I use the Epic Pen app in Windows to sketch over zbrush models and it is a handy way to study, iterate and improve forms and silhouettes of 3d geo.

Quick example of a use case for the cylinder bevel request.

You could block stuff in with simple primitives like this:

The same thing with bevels/rounding becomes sculpt-friendly without a lot of extra work:

Simple example of a use case for the annotation feature for making quick silhouette edits:

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A bevel/round edge would be nice yes.
For know you can subdivide and decrease the resolution to simulate the effect, but you probably know that.

For annotation, I’ve received multiple requests for a grease-pencil tool, or something similar. I’ll probably do something at some point.

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Great looking head btw!

Try this software MagicaCSG.(PC)

This is great news (re: annotation). A simple version without all the bells and whistles of Blender’s Grease Pencil would be very useful from a design standpoint.

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