Curved lenses/fisheye lenses

Reading through some concept art books, they devote whole chapters to drawing with curved perspective, I thought ‘ooo, computers are good at this’, then thought ‘ooo, could be a great boost to do that in nomad sculpt’.

I know in offline rendering this often involves lens shaders with raytracing. Not sure how that translates to realtime rendering (if it translates at all), but I saw this interesting approach to use geometry deformers to apply the curved perspective distortion:

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I had a quick look at this and the refraction material can be used to curve the perspective of a view, essentially by modelling a lens and using it to bend the view. Not a perfect science but it’s certainly a way to distort the view :slight_smile:

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Perspective projection is different than fisheye.

Not planned for Nomad as it’s not trivial and too specific.

No, you can not.
Fisheye is different causing bended lines.
Please proof before posting. Else causes just unnecessary confusion. :vulcan_salute:

You are genius!

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Hey that’s a neat workaround. If we could disable reflections that’d be handy.

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Reflectance in material settings

Is that a 1.66 thing? I can’t see anything to control reflectance in 1.65 when I chose the refraction material:

Ahh, yes. Probably.

It is:

Yep, works in 1.66. Bit hard to control, would be ideal if cameras were listed in the scene menu so you could parent the ‘lens’ to it, but it’s fun to play with.

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