Curve repeater moves the wrong way when editing points

Not sure how to describe this but I’m using a curve for this stitching. It’s supposed to be lined to the left. It’s hovering just slightly above the green string so I rotate the view to see the string sideways. (Can’t add another pic) While sideways, I move the points down to have it meet the string but when I go back to my original view (view pic), it’s now somehow shifted right. I don’t know how and whenever I try to fix it the same thing happens in whatever axis I’m in.

Pretty much if I hold my pencil on a point, it moves forward or backward from the camera view as if Normal is on (like with the Move tool).

Side view before I touched the points. It was all shifted neatly to the left hand side of the string, but when I moved it, OP pic is where it ended up.

Likely because of snap. Unsnap when you change views and it should stay on the same plane.

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I ended up having to delete the curve and create a new one and it’s fine now. You were probably right with the snap setting. I maybe had it on when I created it and it messed things up. Could also be a bug, who knows. Either way, thank you!