Coffee Break

Nomad General Inquiry
Tell us why choose the name Nomad, how big is the Nomad Sculpt team, what is the complete goal for the team,.
Don’t really see it here in the lounge, so this thread is more on the coffee break topic and to actually understand the community. :slight_smile:

Finding a name is always hard.

I liked the way Nomad sounds like and it represents the fact that you can create anywhere.

The issue is that it’s very common so I had to add Sculpt to have no issue while creating the Twitter, Instagram, Store App and website.
At first it was Nomad Studio, but it was already used in a few place.

Just me :slight_smile:

Next release will focus on rendering improvements.
The main focus is mostly sculpting.
Some of the next features than I plan to do in short term:

  • project mesh (after remeshing, etc)
  • save brush presets
  • investigate translation (Japanese/Chinese in mind)
  • curve/tube primitive

are you planning on having a team with you to help hasten the releases?

Stéphane has created a fantastic app and it just goes to show that when you have an idea with ambition and talent you don’t need a multimillion company to achieve success.

When Autodesk created 123D Sculpt they had a team of developers and big money behind them. And yet they didn’t push their app to be the best it could be and gave up!

So I understand why things may take time to develop with Nomad (even though the updates are regular) and I hope the community support Stéphane however they can! :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Stephomi , I was asking myself these days if Nomad was just you or if you had any help… Man, I’m impressed! You are worth millions of dollars, haha! Your app is wonderful and it’s something I had been waiting for in a while! Once again, thanks and congratulations!


No it’s not planned for now.

you are awesome. usually it takes a team to do all the coding and stuff.
Kudos to you sir!