Changing Paint Layer Colours

Sorry to bother you again Stephane :sweat_smile: - only just realised I wasn’t able to do this (up late working), or I just haven’t figured out how - can an individual layer be changed in colour in one instance? Paint All only affects the base layer, not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I know I can adjust the position, tone, roughness, metal through the Layer options for the current colour, but no complete colour change. Thank you.

I don’t get it, Paint All will simply paint the selected layer.

Make sure you didn’t edit the color channel in the advanced menu in the layer settings

That’s what I was expecting it to do - it’s the reason why I put the post up, it was only colouring the base layer didn’t matter what I tried. My iPad has been idling since that message, just checked it now and it’s working as you said. I’m just as confused as you might be right now lol, definitely was filling the entire object. I edited the advanced channels afterward trying to see if it would help. Now it’s just changing the paint layer as thought. Bizarre. Thanks again man, sorry lol.