Can we accelerate the release speed of the new version?

Can we accelerate the release speed of the new version? The release of modeling functions seems a bit too long. In the past year and a half, graphics rendering has been improved, while modeling and carving functions have not been improved. Thank you!!!

Not quite sure what you mean the program is frequently being updated and improved (quite recently in fact) i dont think a new version would fundamentally change the tools? (i also dont find anything wrong with the carve tool tbh?) :thinking: Maybe its easier if you just tell stephane what you are looking for or find lacking specifically? Just keep in mind only one person is working on it :sweat_smile:

What modeling and carving tools would you like to have?

The brush engine has became so many options. I made me ten different crease brushes from very hard to super soft with ease. Crease itself has been improved with last update.
You can carve like a boss, just learn the tools and you can create almost anything……well always having in mind that your paid less for perpetual than other for monthly sub, but still endless options. Or describe concretely what you want and I create it for you. But I have a decent daily rate :sweat_smile:

Criticism about development speed is pure non sense. There is no other app developed faster than Nomad regarding a one man show. Focus is another story. But soon we will find trillion different opinions which direction should be first.