Can the Trim Tool select center of selection?

I have a few imported meshes that I copied around a column (another imported mesh). If I use the column to cut the meshes using Voxel Merge my mesh loses its resolution and looks too rough.
(If that can be fixed stop here and tell me how. I have not been able to figure that out.)

I merge the meshes together using Simple Merge and then I use the Trim tool to cut a circle out of the middle.
My circle is not centered.
Are there any workarounds to cut a circle that uses the imported column’s center as the origin of my circle cut?

Cylinder, not column I suppose.
If you are trying to punch a hole with the Trim tool it won’t work.
For now the voxel subtraction is the only way.

When using the voxel merger you can change the resolution of the voxel by going in the Topology menu.

I’ll move the slider in the Scene menu as well.

Thank you.

Your app let me trim these merged meshes faster than other programs.
I am so impressed!!
I merged a centered column with the other meshes and will figure it out in another program.

I would like to suggest something.
Add an option in the trim tool that lets you draw two vector lines, like crosshairs that let the trim tool snap to the point where the two cross. The user could center the origin similar to the Gizmo ‘Move Origin.’

thanks again.