Brush affect area outside of mesh

Hi, not sure if this is actually available but I tried and couldn’t get the result I was hoping for.

In Blender or ZBrush, if you want to just slightly affect the mesh with your brush, you can star the stroke with for instance the Move Brush and it will affect the mesh withing the brush’s area of influence. When you tap directly on the model you might get a much strong effect than desired, forcing you to make the brush intensity or size smaller, then come back to the original size.

So my request would that we could affect the mesh without touching the actual mesh also.

Maybe background radius in next update helps.
You can test it in the webdemo.

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Oooh that’s excellent! Exciting to see this being developed!

Btw, how does one access the web demo?

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Holy wow that is awesome! I did NOT know there was a fully functional version of Nomad Sculpt on the web. Incredible stuff.

It’s fully functional apart from only 3 undos and no save or export