Brown duplicata inside May model

After some modeling and stretching geometry I’ve noticed that a brown geometry appears inside my model.
I can’t understand what that is and how to remove it or control it
Any help?

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I think it’s a mask. Can you sculpt on that part? Select the object and clear the mask with the mask tool.

nope its not a mask

you can fix that by using move tool

put check on the “Front-facing vertex only”

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Oh ok. That color is the color of the back of the faces (faces have 2 sides and you are supposed to only see the right side, not the back). That means that you see the faces from inside (the geometry going through the mesh).

The can chose the color on Display Settins or turn off the back faces by unchecking ‘Two Sided’ (but it’s not a good idea because you should avoid this kind of clipping issues). Sometimes turning on ‘front-facing vertex only’ on the ‘Stroke’ panel may help.

yep your seeing the backface of the mesh

Thank you very much you both, both methods worked for me :slight_smile:

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