Bluestacks 5 does have multi touch capabilities you CAN zoom and navigate

So I just discovered that it is actually possible to use multitouch on touch screen pc with bluestacks 5.

Now I can finally pinch in to zoom in and pinch out to zoom out and with two fingers I can move the scene just as you can on a Tablet. :heart_eyes:
Click on game control, then Controls Editors (image 1) then Zoom (image 2) then save (image 3)
Then you should see Scheme and the name you saved your custom setting in my case the default Custom name (Image 4)

Oh, another important thing to do is to go to bluestacks settings, performance and Give the highest RAM you can.
For some reason if I write a custom number in the preferences instead of choosing them from the options given, I see a higher number of available RAM appear on Nomad.