Birds: A visiting Goldfinch

I’ve been enjoying Nomad Sculpt to create memories of some of the birds that visit my garden. Common Knapweed in my wildflower patch attracted goldfinches last Summer. Such pretty birds.


Only thing missing is a slightly blurred background. With that, I might have initially mistaken it for a good photo of the bird. Nice job (painting and sculpting).

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I use plain black backgrounds in Procreate for my birds simply to make the colours pop. The ones I’ve done so far are meant to be fairly realistic representations, but they aren’t good enough to stand up to close scrutiny, or satisfy the ambition and expectations associated with hyper-realism. I find making and painting things in Nomad very therapeutic. It’s my favourite retirement hobby. I’m thinking of doing a blackbird next. I wonder how that would look against a black background! Perhaps I’m going to find out soon.