A Few Abstract Compositions

Hello everyone, here is some abstract compositions I’ve been doing lately. Just getting into the 3D game since November 2021 and having a blast. 90% Nomad with some Procreate/Photoshop/Photography tossed in here and there.

Take care, Ven


So different than we are used to see in here.
Very nice! Time by time I get an abstract drift as well. :heart_eyes:
Nomad is an fantastic art creation tool!
So much more than just a sculpting app!

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reminds me of the paintings of John Greenwood… John Greenwood - Large Paintings.

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Thanks for the greenwood reference. Surprisingly I had never heard of the person. I’ll definitely be adding him to my list of fav artists…love that kinda weird realistically weird stuff!

researched his work when I was studying fine art back in the 90s and got to see an exhibition of his paintings, it’s truly awesome! :+1:

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Trying my hand had a more “still life-ish” type composition.

Still a work in progress

More progress on this. My most ambitious work yet in Nomad with a little help from Procreate.

Pretty wild stuff! :slightly_smiling_face: