Apple Pencil not aligned

Hi, I am new to 3D sculpting and am having lots of fun, but I am having trouble controlling my tools as the pencil is not aligned to the cursor on screen for any of the tools. When I try to trim it trims quite a distance from where I am touching the screen. Is there a setting to align them or am I doing something wrong. I searched on the forum and one person said their nib wasn’t screwed on properly, but mine is. I don’t have this issue with procreate. I have only been using it for a few days and I don’t think it was doing this previously.
I am using an IPad Pro 2018 with 2nd Gen Pencil.
Thanks in advance.

Don’t know what I did to change things but I reset all settings and now working ok

There is a setting at the bottom of the Stoke menu for “stroke offset” which is used for smaller displays so you can sculpt with your finger on a phone whilst still seeing what you’re doing. Maybe that had been selected and changed? Glad you got it working :+1:t2: