An Outline Button and Folders

Hi all, first post!

I was wondering if we could get an outline button placed in along the bottom left quick menu? I use the outline quite often but going to search for it in the settings drop down slows my flow.

Also, I know we can Simple Merge things but a collapsable Folder system would be awesome. I have made a few car models and I like to be meticulous with my naming of all the parts and pieces. Quite often theres over 200 components going on so sweeping up to sort through them all is tedious. A way to group things would be amazing. The simple merge feature usually is great but it renames all those parts to the same names so it’s hard to differentiate a tyre from a pushrod unless you go through and rename everything.

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There’s been requests for these. A simple search of the forums will yield the conversations about them.

Outline shortcut is a good idea. Hierarchie grouping is planned for some time now.

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