Alpha mid point value & paint?

If midpoint value is set to 1 with, let’s say with clay brush, no paint is applied even when selected.
Paint should only be influenced by the paint dialogue and not by alpha midpoint in my opinion. That would make options much more rich.

It’s not a bug it’s just different philosophy.

I discussed about it in the discord a few weeks ago.

Since colors cannot be negative, basically the solution was:

  1. Do nothing if negative (<- chosen solution)
  2. Use absolute value
  3. Use another color and blend between the 2 (<- more complex, and a bit out of the mid point scope).

I disagree, every settings in the Stroke menu affects the painting as well (alpha, falloff, front vertex, stroke type, etc.)

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Ok - for me personally, there is no logic in chosen way. It doesn’t add a feature, it prevents it.
I would like to use full paint possibilities, even with alpha midpoint on 0,5 or 1. If I want paint to be 0,5 intensity, I can choose this directly from paint menu.
No need for automatism prevent to use paint with alpha midpoint on 1.
Just my opinion.

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That’s incorrect, it does something that you can’t do otherwise.
Use clay, mid alpha 0.8, and for example increase intensity multiplier, and it will only paint above a certain threshold.

Choosing option 2. (although it feels wrong for in-between value) can makes sense but ignoring the mid alpha entirely does not because it’s not consistent with how stroke is currently working for literally every other options in the stroke menu.
It’s the same as saying “paint should ignore alpha and falloff because I want full paint possibilities while sculpting”.


You are so right! :+1:
This is not possible in the moment.

But isn’t that the job of depth filtering?
Shouldn’t depth filtering be a part of paint menu, not a brush option. Just to make it available for this case and a lot of other cases? No matter what alpha mid value?

Again, just thoughts.

Depth filtering works differently though.
When you sculpt, it’s not like you carve/bump in an instant, you accumulate several stroke. It means that the depth filtering wouldn’t work best in that scenario, it’s best to use it afterwards.

Overall the sculpting+painting is a bit of a bonus, I can’t give too much control on the paint tool in that scenario because it would mean two different “stroke menu”.
If I really wanted to go in that direction I’d rather implement a “composite brush” that would be simply multiple brush occurring one after another (probably a bad idea, and not planned).


Ok, understood.
Thanks for your time.

I was searching for the reason I have that in mind.
Cavity auto masking and cavity mask in zBrush is cool, but I remember now, what I am used to.
It’s Sculptris bump map painting together with color. I haven’t touched Sculptris for quite a time, so I am not sure if there are some more options in this…sure bump map is different, but visual effects was close on first sight.

Just to finalise my thoughts. Putting alpha mid on 1 is awesome. You can add detail without loosing silhouette shape / adding volume. This is fantastic.
Adding skin detail is so much easier now. Adding color in one stroke could have been a real time saver.
Crazy cool with two different colors to define, darker for cavity :grinning:
Even though I almost see your point, there would be huge potential in this.

It’s the lounge section, so just sharing my thoughts.

It’s all around the cavity area, like cavity mask / depth filtering which could be very much improved.
Depth filtering is in wrong section imho and need to be in stroke menu in my opinion. Then it would be available for masking as well and some crazy other stuff.
Something like AO to mask or/and to polypaint and polypaint to mask are strong features as well, offering multiple Workflows.
So I see all this connected. But need to play more with “what we have” before writing endless comments.