After the latest updates NonadSculpt runs extremely slowly

After the latest updates NonadSculpt runs extremely slowly, both in modeling and when I perform cutting operations with the trim option. Before the 1.85 update these slowdowns did not occur.

Is it possible to solve it?

Xiaomi PAD 6 Android tablet, 8 GB RAM

Nope, I’m not aware of any issues.

Maybe there is something wrong with your model/scene, but with the info you gave I don’t know.

The slowdowns occur regardless of the scene, even when opening a new project by modeling the sphere there is a huge difference compared to previous versions of nomadsculpt, where now it seems that the app has considerable difficulty in proceeding even with the simplest management

I recommend restarting your device and also checking to make sure you’re on the latest update. Both of those resolved my issues.


Check that resolution value in postprocess is set to 1.

Other than that, as said above restart your device and update the app.

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Could you kindly tell me where I can find the menu to adjust the resolution value in the postprocess?

as you can see from the video, by performing a simple voxel at 400 and then cutting with the trim option, the waiting time to perform the operation is very long

It’s a boolean operation on a high poly mesh, it’s an expensive operation. Always has been.

in this other video the same operation is done on nomadsculpt version 1.83 on a mi11lite smartphone which is inferior in performance to the previous device. Although the device is less powerful, the same operation is carried out much faster.
I think there is a reason why the application runs more heavily now with the latest versions. I kindly ask you to help me solve it.

There is nothing to be done, you’ll have to deal with it.
Maybe restart your device and don’t do Boolean on high poly.

I had already tried restarting the device but with little improvement. I’m really sorry that the previous performance cannot be restored, as I personally fell in love with this application from the first day I discovered it, to the point that I specifically purchased the Xiaomi PAD 6 tablet a few months ago, exclusively to use NomadSculpt . I am confident in this regard and I believe that you are great professionals for having brought NomadScalpt to life, and surely in the future you will be able to find ways to further refine and improve this application, also from a performance point of view.