Adjust default mesh material/color

Sometimes I wish I could adjust the default mesh color from white, even so that erasing a color reveals the same default mesh color.

Two work arounds to achieve this: 1. Create a default template scene, start a new file; adjust the parameters you want, colour of mesh etc - save this as ‘default’ (or whatever name you wish) and boot this up each and every time you start a new project. Then use Save As to rename the file for the current project. 2. If you use Layers, you can colour on top of the primitive, where adjusting the strength slider will reveal the original colour underneath, or equally just using Paint and -erase enabled will give you this effect also.

That’s a good tip, thank you. I think in my case when I create a new primitive or even a tube within that default scene (or other scene) they will still default to white on creation. I want all new primitives to default to the default material.

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