Adding Decals/Stickers

Hi all. I made a tutorial on applying decals and paint to a lego minifig, but honestly this tutorial applies to anything. Hope you find it helpful. Take care!


Nice tutorial.
A practical way to place stickers is to use planes with UV and textures. You can then transfer them to the target via reproject or stick them directly via reproject.
This allows you to keep the polycount low.
As a target for stamping, I use the symmetry menu, you just have to press the PINNED symmetry menu before stamping and then the target cross appears.


Hey ProcreateFX. Thanks again, for your insight. I was aware of the UV method, but chose this method as I found it easier. I do plan to teach the UV process in a future video. I appreciate it.

Hi! Do you know where can we find decals of any sort on the web? free or not.
hank you!

Another possible site for those seeking corporate logos. I’ve not perused the location for probably a decade now, but they still appear somewhat intact…

From what I recall, their files were in a vector EPS format; meaning it’ll have to get converted to a bitmap PNG or JPG for experimenting in Nomad.