3 finger rotation

Hey there,

So you’re supposed to be able to rotate the enviromment/lights dragging 3 fingers across the screen however this does not work for me. I have tried everything I can possibly think of but all dragging 3 fingers across does is change the brush size. Even if I just go into view mode same issue. I have checked the fix to camera rotation on and off to try but still nothing. Is this a bug for me or am I just missing something obvious?

Swipe fingers up / down and it changes the brush size. Left to right rotates the environment.

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Yeah unfortunately Tried all of that & it’s not working. Must be a bug for me.

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You need to scroll horizontally.
Otherwise check in the gesture/pressure menu that you didn’t disable it.


Ah thank you so much! I had somehow disabled it. Didn’t even think to go back into those settings.

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