1.66 Beta - Ignoring the Solo

After admiring how nicely the leg calf and foot shifted to being dependents of the thigh, I poked at the instancing “tab” to find it was more an immediate button to execute a copy. No matter, the original “thigh tree” was still selected so attempted to hit the Solo button to try posing the entire selection…… however Solo button would only wag and not carry through the process.

Selecting some other subtool, and THEN re-selecting the same thigh-tree would finally allow Solo to isolate the selection.

I don’t understand the issue, are you up to date?

Note that Isolate is not a “show only selected”, if you copy new stuffs it will be added.
It’s more “show only selected and new other stuffs added”.

1.66 (11)

Revisited Nomad to replicate, but it’s now behaving as originally hoped.

The issue was that immediately after creating an instance of the highlighted Thigh trio, the original selection would not allow the bottom corner Solo to work. Tapping at Solo button only made the ribbon it resided in wiggle left/right.

Unselect that grouping, select something else (ex: Arm), unselect Arm, then re-select that trio… and THEN hit Solo, now finally everything else but 3-part leg clears away as expected.

Was only pointing out that somewhere in the middle of this process, the Solo button seemed to be caught on something. I’ll perform similar behaviors in future sculpts to see if it can be replicated.