Will quadremesher get updates?

I’m curious whether the new quadremesher is an active project that will get updates and improvements as time goes by, or whether it is a finished piece of software that will stay the same.
I’ve only just started experimenting with it, and I feel as though small tweaks to the settings make a big difference to the result, so I think it will take time to get the best out of it. It would be great if the developer is continuing to improve it.

Note that it’s exactly the same as zremesher.
It’s developed but don’t expect magical improvements.

Maybe show example of what you are doing, with the settings displayed.
Common mistake:

  • group relax is enabled (when the facegroup are already pre-relaxed)
  • group relax is disabled (but facegroup borders aren’t well smoothed)
  • facegroup is enabled but some groups have small isolated islands (group border are used as guide, a single isolated facegroup will screw up the process
  • symmetry is used but the mesh isn’t symmetrical
  • target face value is too low