White's Tree Frog Sculpture

This is my Whites Tree Frog (Dumpy Tree Frog) Sculpture in both digital form and physical form.

You can watch me paint it here:


Looks great!

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Thank you so much! I tried my best. :frog::sparkling_heart:

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That looks great. We’ve got a tree frog in our front courtyard at the moment - it was sheltering from a cyclone and is very noisy when it rains.

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Thank you! And that’s awesome you have a wild frog pet. I have alot of wild frogs, toads and lizards in my yard and they love to hide in my lanai/front porch. I make ceramic frog houses for them and they take care of all the bugs! No pesticides needed when you have your trusty wild pets. :laughing:

Here he is……not the best photo as it was blowing a gale!!


Awww he looks pretty big too. :frog: Free live froggy performance!

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