UV unwrap seam guides

In 1.85 release we will have surface guides for the QuadRemesher, I notice that the guides stay on the model until they’re cleared. Could the guides have an alternative use to create seams for UV unwrap?

There is also density painting for the QuadRemesher - could this be repurposed onto the mask tool, so we have a more visual way of defining different levels of mask density? It could also be used for weight painting for posing purposes.


For uv you can use facegroup to drive islands cutting.

The facegroup islands are a massive improvement, but a simple guide combined with a facegroup would allow placement of seems, to help guide how the unwrap is oriented / cut. Typically when you unwrap a face, for example, there are splits to the rear of the head. This allows easy manipulation of the unwrapped face (in a paint app) and also hides the seems under hair. It’s obviously stepping away from the standard atlas unwrap that you’ve built into Nomad, bur I thought that the new guides functionality brought in from Exoside could be repurposed in some way?

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