*updated Renders* 4-legged Worm Creature [Horror Fantasy]

This happens when I listen to H.P. Lovecraft. :smiley:

Rendered with Blender (EEVEE):

Blender Screenshots:

Nomad iPad Images (Screenshots)

Detail Views:


Good job!

As a fan of horror/fantasy, I love the creepy nature of this. I also really like the β€˜wet’ look. It’s gross in a great way. Keep up the good work.

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Love this man, really true to Lovecrafts terrifying descriptions!

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This looks great! Love the style
Can i ask what did you use for the skin/wetness?

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And now, listen to Bambi! :rofl:
Ver well made sculpt :+1: but not my genre

I created a layer with the base color and zero roughness for wet look.

Then I create more Layers with Details:

hope that helps


Great help thankyou!

Nice work ! i love your painting style!

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Sick stuff. Nice sculpt and texture.

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