Undo Split / Trim Polygon Path - back to Edit Mode

If you have created a complicated path in the Trim / Split tool with the Polygon tool, it disappears after validation. If you execute the Undo command again immediately afterwards, the path disappears and you can no longer change anything.
With the Tube Tool you can execute Undo and still make changes.
Is this not also possible for the Trim / Split Tool ?

A little stamp icon, like in Infinite Painter would be a blast.

I see it like following.
In left stroke menu with active trim there is a new icon below camera.
A stamp. If stamp is active, the path won’t be deleted when pressing green dot, which is a green stamp in stamp mode to indicate something is different.
Create a path, stamp / execute it without loosing path.
Beside green stamp, there is a little floating transform icon.
If this is active, you can 2D transform and scale pathes, squares, ellipses etc. Hit transform icon again to execute path transform.
When finished changing to brush tool or deactivating stamp in left menu will exit path mode.

The stamp icon will work for any stroke tool.

It could be even cool for any brush.
If stamp is active, you see a floating preview of brush radius, with alpha if there is a alpha. Tap stamp and one brush dot is executed with chosen intensity.
But that’s a bit different story. :star_struck: :vulcan_salute:

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