The Construction of a Cloud Library

Do you have any plans to build a cloud library? Everyone who uses nomad can be a contributor to the cloud library. If you download the approximate model you want to build from the library and make some modifications, it will greatly improve the efficiency. For example, people’s hair, especially women’s hair, can have a special category, and then download it directly from the library to the hair model for assembly. How about this idea?

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I can’t imagine this will ever happen. Cloud services requires server storage capacity, usage bandwidth, ongoing content management, not to mention content copyright admin and so on.

Sketchfab as an existing platform could be integrated into the Nomad import menu, BUT can already be used easily to import objects into Nomad.

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it is a good ideal

Good idea, sure. But there’s so many other libraries already. There’s probably not much of a need for it and it would likely distract from the development of the app.

This may not need too complicated development, and may only need an interface, which will make the use of nomad more flexible and convenient. :sweat_smile: