Switch camera button shortcut

I’d like to find a quick way to switch cameras back and forward, or from a quick pop-up that could be added to the shortcuts bar at the bottom of the screen.

The use case is I have multiple cameras and I want to quickly switch between them with as few clicks as possible. Also I’d like keybindings for jumping back and forth on the cameras as well.


That’s exactly what I’ve been hoping for.

If you click on any Camera or simply select the View tool, you can cycle with the arrows in the contextual popup.

For the key binding, I’ll add a previous/next entries.

Right, but it requires a context switch of tools. So you’re using tool A, now you have to click on View, then click next or prev, then click tool A again.

The work flow I’m requesting avoids that context switch, you’re using tool A, click the next camea button from the short cut bar, continue using tool A, click the prev button, continue using tool A

That’s not how I would do it.
If you have camera icon enabled, you can simply click on any camera icon.
Icons can be annoying, so personally I would simply open the camera menu and tap on any camera.

In any case the moment you focus on a camera viewpoint, the camera object is selected (so you’ll need to reselect the mesh you were previously on).