Scully's Gallery

Hi all, I would like to share my sculpting art with Nomad. feel free to comment, critique or leave tips open to any advice that would help me improve.

New to sculpting and Nomad below is a little adventure snail character I created.


Looks good!

Looking good. Only advice at the moment is to sculpt something everyday no matter how basic. You’ll soon see improvements in work flow and abilities. :+1:t2:

One can see that you are talented, so no matter, you’ll do some great sculpts! Just keep it coming. Love little worlds for snail adventurer. :vulcan_salute:

@ Josepmy, thanks for viewing.

@ Adam, yes seems consistency is the key to succeeding in most things in life…now if only I could buy some! :yum:

@ Kancki, wow kind words, thank you!

A simple, wolf had no clue how to sculpt fur so just went with something more stylistic.


Looks cool! I like it.

Sculpted a Fun cartoon character, one of my childhood favourites.



Nice models! Keep up!

cool! how do you obtain so clear colors?

Hi Josepmy

I do not understand what you mean?

How do you have this clear and vibrant colors I mean

Its just regular colours from nomad, nothing different or special, sorry there’s nothing special that I am doing. :wink:

Ok, I need improve my setting so even get dark colors :frowning:

I’m also still figuring things out! :smiley: but if I figure anything cool out ill share gladly.

Tried my hand at sculpting my favourite super hero. the Bronze matcap I used is the one Knacki posted in another thread, so big thank you to him for sharing it.


This is looking awesome! :star_struck: The Matcap fits him very well. :vulcan_salute:

Used the bronze matcap from Knacki again



With some additions. Love it!