Poly brush / Fiber Brush - hair , fur, grass, weeds, leaves etc

We could really use a fiber mesh style brush to create, hair, fur, grass, etc. such a brush is incredibly useful and extremely versatile. Happy to pay more fore the plug-in. Donate to a pool for the tool… what you have done here so far is epic !!! We need more features.



Yeah. I was thinking maybe a “spraygun” type tool for spraying multiple objects, similar to the landscape spray tool in Vue Infinite would also be very useful.


To break it down to “simplest” solution.
Make part of stroke options available for insert brush.
Add position random and size jitter to stroke options and tiling for clones.

Even when it would work with grab dynamic only, even if it would be a poly limit for insert brush clone object, it would do the trick for a lot of cases imho.

If one select multiple objects, and insert/clone would use a different object for each stamp, it would create a real organic look. :vulcan_salute:


That’s a good way of looking at new features, by taking existing ones and extending their capabilities, rather than starting from scratch. More achievable.

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Yeah, I just went through the hair creation process shown by southern gfx.
If one prepare some models for grass etc. which is not that much work, one can achieve this quite quickly.

Same with grass, leaves whatever. But yes, still jitter function and stroke for insert would be monster cool. Also cool with curve and poly path and the position jitter defines the positioning around path.

Easy written as I don’t have to code this… :vulcan_salute:

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