Please change the colours on your almost unreadable manual

The font and background colours of the Nomad manual are absolutely horrific and almost unreadable. Dark blue font on almost black background. Seriously! My eyes may be old and not helping matters but, still, not user friendly at all.



Manual is one of best I know with very good balance of word & video. The absence of style overdone is a plus as well.
So does readability.
IOS Safari.

Please check link above. It absolutely sounds like you are looking on a different manual, then all other do.

The css style sheet sometimes doesn’t load (I don’t know why and I can’t replicate).

Simply try to reload the page multiple times.

Strange. Indeed the manual is fine when viewed on my PC but definitely not on my iPad. Thanks anyway.

Thanks. See above.

On my iPad the manual shows up fine. A point of interest… if you add a bookmark to the manual on the home screen, it opens on its own rather than in Safari.

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This is what I see on iPad . This is in both Safari and Google browsers.