Pick color from reference image?

Are we supposed to be able to pick colors from reference images?

I select the material tool, and then I use the pipette tool to select a color on the screen, and picker seems to react to the reference image, but I find that the picked color does not match the one on the reference image.

I can see that there is a hint that displays “drag your finger on the mesh to pick a color”, but is the reference image a mesh? Should it work?


It can pick from reference image or mesh since previous update.
As reference image it will be hard to pick the exact same color since image have multiple color and 3D still have roughness and metalness to consider.

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Thanks for your input - it just seem to be hard to pick the right colors - but yes, roughness and metalness might course the problem.

It does pick the correct color.
Maybe you are confused by the material preview (driven by roughness/metalness), but the color is the correct one.

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And matcaps, and ambient light / hdri and and and. You can only compare the color on background image with color selector. This 1 to 1.

In my example, a bronze Matcap makes selected color look completely different, but picked color is perfect.

I have tried to show how it looks when I select colors.

To me it seems that some of the colors are quite off, especially the sand and sky in the background. But I might misunderstanding the function of the color pick?


Open the main menu at the top and pin it.
You might better understand how it works if you can see the color preview instead of simply the material.

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