Parent/child visibility toggle discussion

Loving the update, obviously, but I’m struggling a bit with toggling selection and visibility of parent/child items, and wonder what others think.

Currently, you can have a parent/group hidden, but its children remain visible. This feels unintuitive.

IIRC, groups are just empty mesh objects, and all mesh objects are handled the same regarding parent/child visibility.

I feel like it would be more intuitive if turning visibility off on a parent also hid all of its children, regardless of their visibility. That said, I can see workflows where objects are parented for posing purposes, and you’d still want to be able to hide/show descendants separately from their parent.

Would it make sense (if it’s even possible) to have “groups” act this way, while other parent/child relationships behave as they currently do? Ultimately, I guess, I’m looking for a way to hide the visible items in a group without turning everything visible when I turn the group visibility back on, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I understand that a lot of effort and thought has gone into the way things work, and that the parent/child relationship works more like Blender than it does, say, Procreate.

Read the tooltip in the scene title, you can long press to affect children.

Also if you click on the group name, it selects the children as well (and visibility is sync so it will sync children visibility).

Yeah, I figured out clicking on the group name, then clicking on the visibility icon. The downside of that is that it overrides the visibility state of the selected children. It looks like long-pressing the visibility icon does the same.

What I was describing was more along the lines of how groups work in photoshop/procreate. Like, for a layer to be visible, that layer and its parent group (really, all ancestors in the hierarchy) both have to be marked as “visible”.

I understand the current method probably just feels off because I’m coming from a 2D background, rather than a 3D one.