Not showing sculpt when opened, also on tab S7+

Hello.I have one project that does not show up when it’s opened. I saw another person was having the same issue. Can you help me please?

Size of the file?

Where is

Recently or a while ago?
There’s no known issue with file loading at the moment,

Is the file big? If it’s too big you simply run out of memory,
You can send it at

About 3.50m. It still opens and shows a preview but no sculpt.
The other guy was named Alexander Witting. He said it came from having zero verteces? I dont know, it may just be gone. I’ll send it to you. Thanks for responding.

I’m releasing Nomad 1.51 because there was indeed a bug with some projects (nothing to do with Alexander Witting issue though).

You can salvage the file by opening it up in Blender (you need to unzip the lz4 before though).
You can still send me the file if you want to me to take a look.

Hey, I feel I might be having a similar issue. When I pod a new-polygon I can’t send the sculpt menu anywhere,

Not sure what « pod a new polygon » or « send the sculpt menu » means in that context.

If you can send me the file I could take a look, otherwise more information could be useful!