New retopology app

Hi, there is a new retopo app in development that could be a very good supplement for nomad.


This is gonna be pretty exciting to me, I can’t wait to see how it runs

Wow this could be a game changer :ok_hand:

what is the app? Can you please post more information?

CozyBlanket and that twitter feed is the only info available as it is still in development and probably a ways off coming to market

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I just realized the link was in the comment. For whatever reason I thought CozyBlanket was the person’s tag name, lol.
Just watch the link and that looks AMAZING!!!

That looks like it will be very useful. Thanks for the heads up. :+1:t2:


Any update on this… Anyone got their invite yet?

Private Beta started

Sorry for being a pain in the a** :relieved: and asking again…
Did anyone (who applied) got their beta code at all?
I’m dying to try this app.

I applied but haven’t heard anything back :confused:

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Me too, no answer


no, still nothing :frowning: