Navigator View of the 3D Model from a Different Angle

The feature that I’m thinking of is similar to the Navigator window in programs like Photoshop, which allows users to view a smaller & zoomed out version of their image. However, instead of viewing the model from the same angle I’m working on, I would like to see it from a different angle. For example, if I’m sculpting a head and I’m working on the front angle, the navigator would show me in real time how the changes I’m making are reflected on the profile view. Since our creations are 3-dimensional, it makes sense to be able to view our model in more than one angle. If it’s the front view, the navigator should show the profile view, and vice versa. If it’s the back view, the navigator should also show the profile view. A feature like this is available in the program DesignDoll. Please look at the image attached to see an example that depicts my feature request.

Thank you for taking the time to read my feature suggestion :slight_smile:

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