My Works :)

Nothing special, really. Check it out:

With some more tweaking you should easily get to something like this:

Download nomad scene from here:

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As I expected my newborn princess is taking all my time,
but I maneged to finish the cow scene.

Maybe I’ll do a flying saucer version too, idk…


Well, congratulations. On the plus side, they sleep a lot which lets you sculpt in little bursts.

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Congratulations, enjoy this time!

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It looks great!

And congrats on the addition :tada: :baby_bottle::champagne:

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Thanks you, guys!

how do you sculpt

Well, nothing special, really.
I usually start with 20-30k primitive (box/sphere/cyl…) matcap view
when i add details i enable dyn topo. and remesh to about 100K-200K
Dynamic topo is great to add detail only where you need it, but should
be used only at base level - if used on a separate layer it will mess your geometry.
Then i swich to PBR, add some light and paint materials, rougness etc. on separate
layers for maximum control. Then i sculpt some more and so on and so forth until finished.
Then you render and share your creations for crits and comments. :slight_smile:

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I love the style here!