My new addiction

Before January of this year I never even considered attempting 3D modeling. While I’ve been into digital drawing for years, my line of work has revolved around video. When I came across this app, it was very much by random chance as I had been looking into making digital flipbooks since that seemed to be the natural progression of my interests…my first time opening this app I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and ultimately did nothing more than play with a blob of digital clay for a couple of hours. In the never ending array of shapes I realized this is what I’ve been looking for, I just never knew exactly what it was.

I didn’t start down this path with a specific thing in mind that I wanted to make, so at first made nothing, but in doing so realized that I could probably make anything I wanted to…so I just started picking random stuff…

Those are some characters that everyone knows, and while not perfect, they are recognizable. Considering I’ve never even drawn any of them before I was very impressed…not with my work, but with how amazingly intuitive and responsive this app is. It blows my mind that I’m doing this on my phone. That’s what has me hooked. I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent shaping and reshaping these images and my phone doesn’t even get warm. I figured my MacBook pro should be able to handle this kind of stuff if my Note 8 can so effortlessly. I discovered Blender, installed it and imported a few files and my computer was immediately too hot to touch fans blasting graphics lagging…I haven’t been able to get blender to do anything more than import the model and then have a melt down.

Anyways… that’s my story… that’s why I’m here…I am sooooo impressed by the app and the artwork I’ve seen here and look forward to seeing more.

Here’s a few more items from my first 4(ish) months of life as a Nomader…


Time to get that iPad Air…

A few more…


Imho this might be one of the best posts ever made about 3D modeling.

Can relate to so much of it… Nothing gives more freedom and power to creativity and imagination than being able to easily sculpt on a handheld device!
Btw, which phone are you using?

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I’ve noticed quite a few “ive never done this 3D stuff before, but wow” type posts from other Nomaders. lol The freedom to do this anywhere really changes everything. Im using a Galaxy Note 8 with an awesome Staedtler Noris Digital stylus. I shit you not, i destroyed at least 8 S-pens since I found this app. The technology in the SPen is awesome, but very flawed in its design…that being said, the new s pens and the compatible list of devices for it have me thinking its time to ditch the MBP completely and get the Note 20 lol

Well I just can’t wrap my mind around those 8 broken S-Pens…mind blown.
anxiously looking at my stock Tab S6 S Pen

lol the s pen for the note 9 and older are small thin and easily breakable at the seam where the two parts are glued together.