My Fan Art Creations - Legacy Of Kain

Here’s some pieces that I created using only Nomad Sculpt. I’m absolutely in love with the app!! I’m still learning, but am getting better after each attempt. Love being inspired by everyone here.



I’m waiting for that Elder God ashtray 3D print Richard. And I do believe you owe me one Raziel riding Falcore cross-over :upside_down_face:. Love seeing your work in one big archive like this man!


Great stuff!

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In due time lol

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Thank you :blush:

Very nice works

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Thank you very much :blush:

Wow, great work :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Finally feeling comfortable with the app.

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Very nice work, man! Congrats!

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Thank you, I appreciate the creative support. I absolutely love this app

Great stuff

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Thank you!

Try to reduce the light a little and find its sweet-spot…i think its a little overexposed.
Legacy of Kain has a darker atmosphere…

If I come back to these in the future I definitely will be adjusting things. It’s almost been a year since I did these.