My Artwork

I have been using Nomad since January 15, I never sculpted in physical or digital I was always drawing on paper or procreate for IPad.

I hope to learn here with all of you. Thank

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Some videos of my artwork on Nomad:

Japanese magician Shimada

Spanish magician juan Tamariz

Argentinian magician Rene Lavand

Muñoz Seca, Spanish writer

Rafae Alberti, Spanish poet

Teller, American magician

Penn, American magician

David Copperfield, American magician

Max Maven, American mentalist

Dai Vernon, Canadian magician

Slydini, Italian magician

Rada, Argentinian humorist

Pink, singer

Superlópez, Spanish comic

Camaron, Spanish singer

Eugene Burger, American mentalist

Rene Lavand painted

One more pic